Organic Fruits & Vegetables – Boon to Optimum Health

With most of the fruits and vegetables grown using fertilizers and chemicals, we are missing on major portion of the nutrition it should provide us. This led to the development of the concept of organic fruits and vegetables which are healthy, safe for consumption and has high nutritional content.

To begin with, we need to know what exactly the term “organic” imply. The fruits and vegetables grown using natural methods are termed as organic. The organic fruits and vegetables are grown using natural fertilizers like manure & compost along with weeds and pest control by natural control methods. There are many benefits of consuming organic food as compared to the conventional counterparts.

Benefits to buy Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Increase in Anti-oxidant Content

There are many reports that confirm that there is high concentration of anti-oxidants in organic food which helps in scavenging free radicals. Due to packing of more anti-oxidants, it is seen that consumption of organic fruit and vegetable increase our anti-oxidant intake by 20-40%. The increase in intake of anti-oxidant helps in preventing heart disease, cancer, premature aging, brain problems and scavenge out toxic material.

Trace amount of Pesticides

The major advantage of organic food is it contains very low traces of pesticides as cultivation is done using natural fertilisers and methods. Pesticides contain phosphorus which is very harmful for human health and causes diseases like autism. Due to natural cultivation methods, fertilizers used are not synthetic and has low level of toxins which is healthy and beneficial for human consumption to buy organic fruits and vegetables follow fresh-culture.

Boost Immune System

Eating organic fruits and vegetables helps in increasing immunity to our body against foreign and harmful substances. Organic food is grown strictly without any genetic modification and thus there is no interference with the immune system. It was seen that organic food helped in boosting immune system by contributing the body with more nutrition. It was found through animal testing that genetically modified fruits and vegetables reduced the efficiency of immune system as times.

High quantity of Nutrients

Through many research and findings, it is evident that organic plants pack more nutrition on them which is beneficial for growth and development. It was found that organically grown fruits and vegetables has higher level of micronutrients like iron, zinc and Vitamin C. Due to high concentration of vitamins, organic food is beneficial for optimum growth and development for child.

Environment Friendly and Safe

It not only is beneficial to human health but helps in maintaining a balanced environment. With the use of natural growth fertilisers like manure or compost, the soil tend to retain its fertility. It does not have an adverse effect on our eco-system and with incorporation of techniques like crop rotation, natural weed removal; tillage etc, there is increase in water retention and develop soil quality. The hazards of synthetic fertilizer are prevented through organic farming. To know more about organic fruits and vegetables visit

Organic fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption due to its organic growth and culture methods. With high concentration of nutrition, vitamins, anti-oxidants etc it gives lot of benefit to human health and helps in efficient development and growth. It boost immune system, cardiovascular system and takes care of overall optimum health.