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Please read the statement about this blog. If you have any questions please fill in the comments field below.

Email address

You can enter or write an email address in the fields provided in this blog. We agree to never share or distribute that email address to any other party and we will remove that email address if there is a request. We will not send ads via email unless you request it. If you have trouble deleting your email address, please contact us.

Information Ownership

All information contained in this blog is written by O, and if the writing was made by other parties it will be listed under the title. All posts on this blog is for the sake of entertainment only.

Right of Answer

If anyone has objected to a post or wants to refute any posts, please use your reply right through the comment field.


Most of the posts on this blog contain comment fields. We do not always actively monitor incoming comments and all of those comments are for entertainment purposes only. If there is any inappropriate comment then we can remove it unconditionally. Any content contained in the comments list is not the responsibility of the author. Objection of a comment may be replied to in the same comment field. We do not serve email replies.


We currently place cookies on your hard drive as a means to store your data. This data will not be shared. If you do not want you can disable it through the facilities contained in the browser.

Third Party Cookies

Some of the advertisers use cookies to monitor how many times you see the ads. We do not have that data and it is beyond our responsibility.

Traffic Report

Our traffic recorder will record and report IP addresses, information about internet service providers, browser type, referrals and times when a page is loaded. We use all this information only for the purposes of visitor statistics and find out the most popular posts.

Legal Considerations

We will endeavor to retain all data we hold and will only be opened upon request or for legal purposes.

Transfer of Ownership

If one day we intend to transfer ownership of this website or blog to other parties then all the data contained in this blog will be transferred as well.


This blog is often linked with other blogs or websites. We are not responsible for the content of websites linked to this blog.

About Change

If we make any changes to this policy then we will publish here soon.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this policy, please write your comments below or contact us